Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knitty Knit-A-Long

Welcome to a Knitty Knit-A-Long!

Starts July 21st (you must be signed up by July 20th)

Project? Your choice -- as long as the pattern is found on knitty!

I haven't decided what to knit quite yet, but I know that everyone can find something on there that you'd love to knit, but haven't found the right reason to do it. Well, here it is!

See it! Look around, find something that you love and post on here what you've decided.

Love it! And made sure you let us know how much you love it in your first post when you let us know what you've decided to make.

Find it! Get the perfect yarn, the needles you love the most and any notions that you may need.

Knit it! Cast on and post your progress- that’s it!

There will be contests, challenges etc….

Want to join? Just send an e-mail!

mad dot lillies at hotmail dot com

Spread the word- post a link….leave a comment by midnight eastern standard time on July 20th so you can do it!

My knitting blog: Maddie Knits


Anonymous said...

Hi just thought I would drop you a line and sign up for your knit along. I'm always knitting something up from Knitty. Sounds like fun. I'm not that good with photos on Bloggers so I don't think I'll be able to post photos.


jkutrybala at aol dot com

Else said...

I would also love to join. Will send an e-mail.

Angelika said...

Great idea. I already posted about this KAL on my blog. Let's hope it help. I'm in. Thanks.

Angelika said...

Thanks for extending the sign in period. I'm trying to ralley up some people by linking the blog address to anybody I see knitting Knitty patterns. I'm such a bag/good enabler, or at least I try to be. Can't wait to get started.

Kristina said...
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Molly H. said...

I've dropped you an email... and a coffeeshop mesg...

Molly (twinmonkeyarts)