Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Basics of the KAL =)

So, just in case there are other newbies to the knit-a-long world, I figured that I'd stick up a little post about how the whole thing works. I will stop allowing new additions to the KAL on July 20th -- which is in 9 days -- and then everyone can start posting pictures and whatever else they'd like to put up here about their progress on their Knitty projects. Of course, you can always post on your blog as well, this is just a nice way to get some support. I know I'm always a little doubtful of how my knitting looks, so it's nice to get the encouragement from others!

Anyways, I'm not sure how then ending of the KAL will go. Probably once everyone has completed at least one Knitty project, I'll start a blog for the Knitty KAL 2, or something like that.

Well, other than that, I'm not too sure what else to add in! Please let me know if I left anything out, or if you have ideas of a better way to do it! Take care everyone and enjoy your Hump Day =)

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