Monday, July 23, 2007

several projects going

Like so many of us, I'm working on several Knitty projects at once. First up is Isabella that I'm actually just trying to finish. Here it is in blocking mode. Some time this week I'm hoping to stitch up the sides and add the little edging to the sleves.

(Apparently I'm having issues with my photos coming out in the right direction. Bare with me here...)

Next up is the Sueet Suede bag that I finished knitting up this weekend. What a great weekend project... it went by very quickly. However, instead of using the suede I chose to use Malva (a ribbon yarn) in yellow, brown, and green tones. I think it turned out nicely. Now I'm thinking of making a trip to the fabric store to pick out a corrdinating yellow fabric to line it with and bring out more of the yellow in the yarn. I'm not all that hip on the sewing end of things, so this will be a challenge for me. I recomend this project for anyone who is looking for a quick hand made gift. It would be great to give filled with all sorts of pampering goodies.

And now I've begun working on the French Market Bag that someone else on here is also working on. I decided to work with Patons wool since I did my first felting project with it and it felted so easily. This is only my second felting project and I'm still a little worried about how it will turn out. I figured working with cheaper yarn would be ok for experimenting now.


Kristina said...

love your isabella; it is great inspiration! fab other projects, too!

mausermama said...

Isabella looks great! I haven't even begun yet... socks to be finished, sweater to be seamed, and MS3 breathing down my neck... but I'm hoping to get going soon. You're inspiring me!