Friday, July 27, 2007

Tiger Monkeys Stalking the Wild Passion Fruit

As soon as those Tiger Monkeys were off the needles, they leapt off to stalk their prey. I caught up with them at the border. They were, apparently, climbing over the fence...managed to get themselves all tangled up in the passion fruit vines.

In the first picture, you see them frozen like deer in the headlights. Notice the tiger pattern...completely unplanned and unprovoked. I knit one sock after the next with utter disregard for symmetry. In the second pic, they seem to be making a run for it.

monkey tigers in passion 2

stalking the wild passion fruit

monkey tigers in the passion fruit

making a break


Brenda said...

oh these are great...and yes this is the same exact yarn I ordered...hmmmm maybe I'll do the same...awesome!

broadcasting from a knitting parlour said...

Goody! We can start a little pride of our own. Or is that just Lions? Tigers travel in - what - packs? How about Monkeys? Yikes.

Holly said...

I love your tiger monkeys! It makes me want to cast on a pair right now, but I must reist and focus on my current projects!

Lena Lundbladh said...

They are wonderful!